Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.  You can't be successful at one without being successful in the other.  Pure Bliss Health & Fitness offers many programs to help people succeed with their fitness and nutrition journey.  It's not about being skinny. It's about being healthy.  Programmes provided start from children up to adulthood.  It is very important to associate fitness as something fun, that way we continue to participate in fitness, which is why we offer the programmes we offer starting as young as toddler age and up.  We offer fun programmes for children and adults,  individuals, groups, businesses as part of a corporate team building program utililzing fitness, in particular Zumba (R) Fitness.  Nutritional consulting available to individuals, groups, businesses, community groups, etc. 

Zumba (R)

The fitness program that has swept the globe since it began.  There is really no explanation on what Zumba (R) is!  You just have to experience it! Exercise in disguise!  Pure Bliss Health & Fitness is proud to offer Zumba (R) classes by a very popular and experienced Zumba(R) Instructor Network (ZIN) licensed Zumba(R) instructor, Lesley Hager . 


Zumba classes are ongoing and the current schedule can be found by going to the class schedule on this website on the About page or by clicking here or for all things Zumba (R) related in Derry, please visit our sister website,


Zumba (R) classes are drop-in classes and are ongoing at Pilot's Row Centre, Rossville St., Derry. Classes are 4GBP per person.


Zumba(R) participants must be at least 12 years old.  There is no maximum age limit! All are welcome, including beginners!  No experience required!


To stay up-to-date with our Zumba (R) classes, please find and Like the Zumba Fitness with Lesley-Zumba Derry page on Facebook!


For more information on the Zumba (R) program, please visit the main Zumba (R) website at


Zumba (R) Toning, Aqua Zumba (R), Zumba (R) in the Circuit, Zumba (R) Core, Zumba (R) Blast, Zumba(R) Glutes, Zumba(R) India, Zumba (R) Africa, Zumba (R) Brasil, Zumba (R) Caribbean, PLATE by Zumba (TM) nutritional coaching


Other Zumba (R) speciality programmes are offered periodically as well.  Please visit the class schedule link on this website on the About page or by clicking here or visit our sister website, to see any upcoming Zumba (R) speciality classes on offer and their location. 


For more information on these programmes, please visit our sister website, or the main corporate Zumba (R) website at

Pound Fit(R) Rockout, Workout

Unleash you inner rockstar!  With a mix of drumming and pilates performed to the best chart and rock music you'll have fun and get fit in not time!  This is the first class in Derry so come along and you'll soon see why this is so popular in the USA!  Visit the POUND with Lesley facebook page here for updates and schedules: OR visit the Pound Headquarters website at

Wee Wigglers (classes paused right now)

Wee Wigglers is a programme for pre-school aged children from 0-5 years old.  It developed in Canada and has spread throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.  Pure Bliss Health & Fitness in Derry is proud to offer the first Wee Wigglers programme in Europe.  Currently, we offer the Buds level Wee Wigglers programme which is for toddlers who are walking up to around age 3.5 years old.  Other Wee Wigglers classes for different age groups will be coming soon.


During a Wee Wigglers Buds class, we utilize different toys, props, dances and music to provide for a dance fitness and play class appropriate for the age range.  Children are exercising but having fun at the same time. In addition to exercising children learn shapes, colours, numbers, the alphabet.  It truly is a unique well-rounded class proven to be beneficial to the children. After the fitness portion of each class is completed we have a nutrition segment w here children learn healthy eating habits. 


Wee Wigglers Buds is a toddler and caregiver class.  Caregivers/mothers/fathers/etc. are meant to attend and participate with their child.  This is a great class in developing the child's agility, balance and coordination.  Wee Wigglers classes run in six weeks blocks at a cost of £30 for the full six weeks.  These are not drop-in classes.  Drop-in classes for this age range are not recommended as the children need time and structure to become accustomed to their surroundings and to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential.


Please visit the class schedule on this website on the About page or by clicking here to find out when the next Wee Wigglers classes will begin and location.  


Please visit and Like our Wee Wigglers Derry Facebook page to really stay in the loop!


To learn more about the Wee Wigglers programmes, visit the main Wee Wigglers corporate website at


Wiggle Fit (classes paused right now)


Wiggle Fit dance fitness for children 5-11 years old is a programme developed by Pure Bliss Health & Fitness proprietor Lesley Hager .  During Wiggle Fit classes we utilize different styles of dance to make for a fun class.  The children are having fun without realizing they are exercising.   Some styles of dance used during Wiggle Fit classes include hip hop, salsa, merengue, cumbia, cheer, contemporary,  reggaeton, bhangra, bollywood , strength conditioning exercises and more! 


Wiggle Fit isn't a competition troupe.  We meet once a week, we dance, we have fun and we go home.  We don't compete, we don't wear costumes and we don't take a lot of extra time.    Our focus is fitness and being healthy.


Wiggle Fit classes are run in six weeks blocks at a cost of £20 for the full six weeks if paying in advance.  Drop-ins are also welcome at a cost of £4 per class, per person.


Please visit the class schedule on this website on the About page or by clicking here to find out class times and location.


Visit our Wiggle Fit page on Facebook and Like it to stay in the know!










Nutritional consulting for individuals or businesses available.  Whether it be for weight loss, to eat healthier in general, to pinpoint food intolerances, or just overall advice, we can help you with your nutritional needs!






Why not try something different at your child's next birthday party?  Book a Wee Wigglers or Wiggle Fit session and give them the gift of fitness and fun at their party.  Please contact us for availability and price inquiries.




Zumba (R) Fitness classes are a great way to bring a team together in a work environment.  It breaks down walls and lets team members see a fun and different side of each other.  Additionally, it helps foster a relationship with fitness and it lets your employees see that their fitness is important to you, the employer.  Fit and healthy employees are happier and more productive employees.  Companies that help make their employees fitness a priority see a return because their employees miss less work due to illness as well. 


 Lesley Hager  has hosted several team building events with businesses and corporations in Derry and London.  These activities can be tailored to meet your business needs.  Please contact us for availablity and price inquiries. 



Having a fun day or health display at work, school or daycare?  Contact us to participate or for a demo!




Pure Bliss Health & Fitness is available to help with charity events.  Whether it be in the form of a Zumbathon (TM) , a Wee Wigglers or Wiggle Fit warm-up for a children's charity event to get the event off on a fun start,  or perhaps a guest judge or choreographer for your community Strictly Come Dancing-style event we are here to help and give back to the community. 


Lesley Hager  has hosted several successful Zumbathon(TM) charity events.  In fact, she hosted the very first one in Derry. More information, photos and videos of these events can be found on our sister site,  Other charity event experience includes guest judging/coaching at Strictly Come Dancing-style events.


There is never a cost for us to help with a charity event.  Please contact us for availability.




We also offer choregraphy services for weddings or special events.  Any event you want to add a fun dance to whether it be for a group or individual, we can help.  Contact us for more information!




Have something in mind or have a question?  Get in contact and we will do our best to make it happen, answer your question or point you in the right direction!