Toddler food woes

My toddler is three years old. Every day I struggle with getting her to eat. Sometimes, as I'm saying repeatedly, "Eat your dinner," I wonder why I continue to repeat myself. I know me saying 'eat your dinner' over and over again will not somehow magically make my child suddenly clean her plate, yet the words still flow from my mouth. I know I'm not the only one and we have all been told many times by doctors, experts, know-it-alls that your child will eat when they are hungry but I can't be the only one who watches their child in their day-to-day activities whether that be playing in the park, at playschool, nursery school, climbing the walls, pulling the tails of your very patient cats, and thinks 'how in the h-e-l-l do you have the energy to do that!?'

Struggling to get her to eat is a challenge, but then trying to get her to eat healthy is a double challenge. Luckily, she loves fruit, but way! If she could live on sweets and chocolate, she would. I have found tricks that sometimes work for me, for example, I cut sandwiches with cookie cutters into fun shapes that are interesting enough to make her eat the lot. I've also tried some of these suggestions I've found on Pinterest, so I thought I would share them with all the toddler parents out there in the hopes it will help with your toddler fussiness.

Here's a link to The Decorated Cookie, which is a blog that has some fun and creative healthy food ideas including cute vegetable bugs.

If you have some extra time and as mothers, don't we have loads of spare time, check out this post on Lolly Jane with some great healthy ideas for kids.

There are loads of great ideas on Pinterest or Google like these above. Check out our Pinterest boards by following the link on the bottom of this page for more tips like these.

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