Where y'all been?

Okay...it's not you, it's me! I haven't posted anything here in this blog in soooo long! I blame my computer!

So, a lot has happened with PB Health and Fitness since my last post! I will sum up best I can!

Wiggle Fit classes have participated in Halloween and St. Patrick's Day parades! Wiggle Fit has also been running for 4 years! 

I got certified in a new program called Pound in Edinburgh and have been teaching those classes for a year! Its the first and only Pound class in Derry! In fact, I took Pound to West Virginia this past Summer and taught a few classes there! So these classes in Derry are every Thursday at 5.15pm at Pilots Row Centre. £4 drop-in. 

We have had a couple of Zumbathons and there will be a Pound charity glow class on October 12th for Childrenin Crossfire. 7pm at Pilots Row Centre. All are welcome to this!

Zumba classes are still going on every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6.15pm and Thursdays and Fridays at 10am. Still £3pp. Drop-in. At Pilots Row Centre.  All are welcome. Oh and we had our 7 year anniversary of Zumba here with me in March of this year!

The best way to keep up to date--find me on Facebook-Lesley Zumba Pound.

Here's some pics of all I've mentioned!