The Zumba (R) Weight Loss Challenge

A fun challenge to begin the new year! The Pure Bliss Health and Fitness Zumba(R) weight loss challenge 2016 beginning soon!

If you would like to participate in the challenge, you have the option of just doing the challenge or doing the challenge with a nutritional plan that I will provide for you.

The challenge will begin on February 1, 2016 and will finish on Friday, April 1, 2016. It will be a total of 60 days.

The winner of the challenge will be based on total percentage of body fat lost.

Measurements and weight will be taken on Monday Feb. 1, 2016 at 5pm at Pilot's Row Centre and again on Friday, April 1, 2016 at 9.00am at Pilot's Row Centre. If you cannot make either of these times for your weigh in, we can work out an alternative time obviously these times won't suit everyone. If you would like to be weighted/measured half way through the challenge, we can do that as well on an individual basis, just let me know.

Cost for the challenge will be £5 (£1 of this will be used for an entrance fee and the remaining £4 will be put in to a pot. The winner of the challenge will take home the pot of money!). So for example, if we have 10 people signed up for the challenge, the winner will take home £40. If we have 20 people signed up for the challenge, the winner will take home £80. If we have 40 people signed up the winner will take home £160, etc. If we have a tie, the money will be divided equally among the winners. I will do second and third place prizes as well. Those prizes will be announced later.

If you would like an optional nutritional plan for the 60 days, I can provide you with one as well. You DO NOT have to do the nutritional plan to participate in the challenge. The cost of the nutritional plan will be an additional £20. So to do the challenge with the nutritional plan, the cost will be £25 (£5 for the challenge entry and £20 for the nutritional plan). Please note, that for the nutritional plan, to make the most of it for you, I will need you to complete a 7 day food journal before we begin the challenge, so we will begin the food journalling no later than January 22nd. I will also give you a sheet to fill out to help understand your food likes and dislikes, lifestyle, etc. and based on this will provide you with recipes to try and an appropriate plan.

A few rules with the challenge, you must try to come to at LEAST 2 of my Zumba classes per week as this is ZUMBA Weight loss challenge. My class schedule is M, T, W at 6.15p and Th and Fri at 10am. Obviously the more classes you attend the better. I will provide an additional sign-in sheet for challenge participants at the door to keep track of who attends. If you want to do additional exercise during the challenge, of course you can that's up to you, but if you sign up for the challenge and don't attend the Zumba classes then you can't really be a part of the challenge as it's a ZUMBA weight loss challenge.

To sign up for the challenge, please use the sign-up sheet in class and turn in your money in class.. If you would like to do the optional nutrition plan, please contact me on Facebook, email (, mobile (07824113851) or see me in class.

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