Weight training at home as part of the Zumba weight loss challenge

For everyone doing the Zumba weight loss challenge starting on February 1st, I've uploaded this video (see below)to YouTube of some additional weight training exercises you can do at home in addition to your Zumba classes. Weight training is essential for weight loss as it helps build muscle and muscle burns fat! These are light weights, not meant to make you bulky. This will be a video on upper body exercises. I'll do another video soon on lower body exercises. If you do these 3-5 times per week, that would be perfect! I use 2.5lb dumbbells. If you have some at home, use what you have. If you don't have any ask friends or family if you can borrow some.

Info on the Zumba Weight Loss challenge can be found here if you would like to sign up!

#weights #zumbaweightlosschallenge

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