Halloween excitement

So, last year our Wee Wigglers(TM) toddlers classes got to participate in the Derry Halloween parade (you can see photos of the cutie patootie little ones in the gallery section of our website). We were in the community section near the end. But, it was so much fun. It perhaps was a little overwhelming for the little ones because Derry has a lot going on in their parade and there is always something interesting to feast your eyes upon.

This year, Pure Bliss' Zumba (R) and Wiggle Fit classes are participating again in Derry's Rise of the River Gods themed 2015 Halloween Carnival Parade. I am very excited this year as we are given a formal spot and theme among the parade route. We will be the Mexican Day of the Dead section of the parade.

For everyone participating in the parade, I am uploading two videos since we are doing two songs during the parade route. Below, is the first song. So, if you would like to practice at home you can. We will also be doing this song in Zumba (R) and Wiggle Fit classes so try to get to as many classes as possible. And if you can't for some reason, here is video one to practice from.

Some additional information for those participating:

We are doing two songs throughout the parade. One is the one you see above. The other is less of a dance piece and more of a dramatic piece. This video has been sent to those participating.

We will meet at Pilot's Row Centre at 4pm on Saturday, Oct 31 so that we can get in costume and makeup. Costumes and makeup are provided. Please wear plain black tops, trousers, shoes and socks with little to no additional markings (i.e. logos, stripes, etc.).

Since it's an early start, I will try to make it as fun as possible for all the kids because I know they will be missing out on trick or treat.

We will leave Pilot's Row at 6pm. Transport will be provided to where the parade route begins. Parade begins at 7pm.

Fireworks start at 8pm. Enjoy!

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